Erganos Cretan Cuisine

About Erganos Cretan Cuisine

Erganos, one of the 100 cities of the ancient Crete. Today, Erganos is a place to hangout - not only a tavern - traditional in decoration and in taste.

The heart of Crete beats here! Sense of Cretan village house, woven curtains, plates hanging on the walls, reels and distaffs beside the fireplace. The place is separated by stone benches decorated with flower-pots with basil, surrounded by island arches and Parasiris' paintings on the walls with relevant themes like: dry stone walls, flocks of sheep and cottages where the delicious Cretan cheese is made.

Everything is perfect, there is nothing that isn't part of the island. The plates, the wine pots, even the salt-castors are made of clay, the tablecloths are woven. That's all for the decoration.

As far as the taste is concerned: unique cream - cheese pies with honey, "sarikopites" (womded cheese pies), pies filled with wild herbs. All these are accompanied with Cretan traditional music and songs ("madinades") sometimes replaced by the lyra of a customer.


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