About Kyriakos

The famous restaurant Kiriakos was established in 1981 at 53 Dimokratias ave by KIRIAKOS KANATELIAS. Along with his family, they create a unique history in the field of tastes. Having now entered the third decade of operation, the KIRIAKOS RESTAURANT is synonymous with quality, incredible variety in flavors and the finest materials being used.

Artists, world wide famous politicians and other celebrities have lived unforgettable moments in KIRIAKOS RESTAURANT, which is a jewel for the city of Heraklion. Nowadays, it continues to offer the same level of unique flavors. It's the first choice for dining with friends or business associates in this unique place.

What keeps the KIRIAKOS RESTAURANT at top choice is the daily emphasis of its owners on fresh vegetables, pure ingredients, respect for traditional recipes, cleanliness, prompt and courteous service. Here you will find a wide range of casserole dishes (always in Cretan olive oil), each offering a memorable experience for the palate

There are dozens of house specials made from traditional recipes: rooster in wine, artichokes and green peas, frumenty with snails, calamari in basil and ouzo, the famous stuffed vine leaves with minced meat in egg-lemon sauce, eggplant with veal or chicken filet and bechamel sauce. Don't forget to order creme caramel or the cheese pies topped with honey.The secret for achieving great taste is the meticulous selection and preparation of the finest of meat. Our rich selection of wines complements the bouquet of tastes.


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